During the period of 1865 to

He also expanded civil services and vetoed many private pension bills. Were all white northerners alike in their attitudes toward blacks? He experimented by giving land to blacks in South Carolina.

His health had not been good for some months, and he went to bed with a high fever, though he still managed to attend two Wagner performances. Some applied to be part of colonization projects to Liberia and locations outside the United States; others were willing to move north and west.

They found economic opportunity at factories, mines and construction sites, and found farm opportunities in the Plains states. On July 12, Pike resigned from his position in protest. In short, on national terms. In addition, each southern state had to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment to the federal Constitution.

African Americans would not be enslaved or assigned to a separate economic status.

Franz Liszt

Between and he met three men who were to have a great influence on his artistic life. Many Chinese had been brought to the west coast to construct railroads, but unlike European immigrants, they were seen as being part of an entirely alien culture. Courtesy of the Museo Teatrale alla Scala, Milan The avant-garde composers of the day regarded Weimar as the one city where modern composers could be heard, and many of them came to Liszt as pupils.

Meanwhile, the social and economic transformation of the South proceeded apace. They took control of the state legislature in both andand the governorship in Pearcean AME minister in Florida: He fought Jim Crow laws. As the fighting progressed, the Lincoln government Origins of Reconstruction The national debate over Reconstruction began during the Civil War.

A controversial figure in his time, he was attacked for his innovationsand his rivals were jealous of his brilliance and panache.


For him, Reconstruction was a failure not because blacks were unworthy of it but because white southerners and their northern allies sabotaged it.

He promoted the construction of a transcontinental railroad from New Orleans to the Pacific coast, writing numerous newspaper essays urging support for this project.

Liszt moved with his family to Paris ingiving concerts in Germany on the way. Congress decided it had the primary authority to decide how Reconstruction should proceed, because the Constitution stated the United States had to guarantee each state a republican form of government.

As a pianist Liszt was the first to give complete solo recitals, and he did a great deal to encourage the performance of music by Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Berlioz, Wagner, and Robert Schumann by transcribing their works for piano and playing them in his concerts at a time when they were insufficiently appreciated.

Opposition to Confederate policy over Indian Territory would continue to be a source of conflict between Pike and his superiors. He made these transcriptions to make the work of these men more available and thus spread the appreciation of their music, which was still greatly neglected at that time.

Fulton County went from He gave them two white flags, telling them to hoist the flags when they wished a bombardment from his fleet to cease and to surrender.

New York and other large cities of the East Coast became home to large Jewish, Irish, and Italian populations, while many Germans and Central Europeans moved to the Midwestobtaining jobs in industry and mining.

While many slaves were illiterate, educated blacks including escaped slaves moved down from the North to aid them, and natural leaders also stepped forward.

It was further fueled by a period of wealth transfer that catalyzed dramatic social changes. Pike was much honored after his death. But the economic program spawned corruption and rising taxes, alienating increasing numbers of white voters.

Reconstruction era

Army, President Abraham Lincoln set up reconstructed governments in TennesseeArkansasand Louisiana during the war. He moved to Washington DC in Du Bois, in his pioneering sociological study The Philadelphia Negroundermined the stereotypes with experimental evidence.

She had an illegitimate child by Wagner, which led to a quarrel between the two composers that lasted until Black school The African-American community engaged in a long-term struggle for quality public schools. Lincoln presumed that the reunion of the nation was of paramount importance.

Many conservatives, including most white southerners, northern Democrats, and some northern Republicans, opposed black voting. Init acquired its first screw-driven steam warship, the Kanrin Maru. A major component was the Social Gospel Movement, which applied Christianity to social issues and gained its force from the Awakening, as did the worldwide missionary movement.

Hahn explains the steps they took:Another crucial economic development of the Reconstruction era was the transformation of the southern system of credit. Prior to the Civil War, the South’s system of credit had ultimately rested on cotton and with British traders.

The period after the Civil War, -was called the Reconstruction period. Abraham Lincoln started planning for the reconstruction of the South during the Civil War as Union soldiers occupied huge areas of the South. It was largely during the Late Modern period that the United States, newly independent from Britain as ofestablished its pervasive influence on the world.

Franz Liszt: Franz Liszt, Hungarian piano virtuoso and composer.

Native American Tribes of Florida

Among his many notable compositions are his 12 symphonic poems, two piano concerti, several sacred choral works, and a variety of solo piano pieces.

A controversial figure in his time, he later came to be seen as a revolutionary who anticipated later developments. The history of the United States from until covers the Reconstruction Era, the Gilded Age, and the Progressive Era, and includes the rise of industrialization and the resulting surge of immigration in the United States.

This article focuses on political, economic, and diplomatic history. The Reconstruction era was the period from to in American currclickblog.com term has two applications: the first applies to the complete history of the entire country from to following the American Civil War; the second, to the attempted transformation of the 11 ex-Confederate states from toas directed by Congress.

During the period of 1865 to
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